Lucas Castro
Full stack developer since 2005, currently work with Ruby and play with Elixir and Ionic. Résumé
João Paulo Barros
15+ years of experience creating critical softwares and managing teams. Résumé



RLCeg - Consulting for Small Internet Providers

  • RLCeg helps small Internet Providers to get their projected approved by the Electrical Companies.
  • They received its new Web Application that is speeding up its office works.
  • We had to understand some (complex) spreedsheets and put the Math calcs inside the application.

ADUFPI - Transparency for the Association's members

  • Web Application developed to ADUFPI -The association of teachers of Federal University of Piaui / Brazil - allows that members can follow theirs payment discounts by smartphone.
  • Integration with Healthcare Plans: UNIMED and Humana.
  • Integration with Banks: CAIXA, "Banco do Brasil" and Bradesco.
  • Reduced the time-consuming activities of the Association's office.

Cilp - Taking easy the relationship between investors and advisors

  • Product developed to Cilp allows their investors figure out your dreams and achievements in innovative way.

SESAPI - Reduced queuees in hospitals by a half

  • Delivered the the first Module of a Hospital Managment Software developed for us as contractor of Infoway.
  • It a great experience and we are proud because the numbers show us that our work help to reduce the queue in the hospitals to a half, helping a lot of people that wait for internations.

Embassy - a custom made software for schools

  • We delivered a custom made softwar to Embassy Idiomas, a English School that still used a lot of papers and spreedsheets to control presence, payments, scholar historical, etc.

Founded Castro & Barros - Consulting Software Firm

  • Lucas Castro and João Paulo exited their previous from company Chipy, and started up Castro & Barros Software to offer some consulting and development services to some local companies.

Working exclusively for our own business

  • We finished our contract at Credishop and started to work exclusively at Chipy.
  • Some software development oportunities started appearing.

Founded Chipy and the 1st Group Buying in our Region

  • Lucas Castro and João Paulo Co-Founded Chipy with others partners, to offer software services and create digital products.
  • In December 2010, we launched Os Mosqueteiros, the first Group Buying Website in our region, just before the global fever.
  • We have moved around $250K per month and we introduced the local market to the Internet businesses.
  • It was a pretty experience where we learned in practices about digital marketing, sales, customer support and business management at all.
  • As developers, we have created the all the software in Ruby including integrations with mailing, payment processors and other partners.

Lucas got his Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

  • The final project, called Pontapé, it was an Open Source Eclipse Plugin able to turn UML Class Diagrams into Java, Hibernate and Spring code and configurations, based on some templates.

Credishop - Software Developers and Team Management

  • Lucas Castro and João Paulo came up together at Credishop, a Credit Card Company.
  • Contracted with a mission of help the team to create and migrate the legacy software to Java.
  • Developed internal softwares using Java and several tools of its ecosystem, like Spring, Hibernate, Swing, jUnit, etc.
  • We are responsible for develop and keep the servers running as well, so we learned a lot of Linux administration
  • SQL databases: Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Collaborated actively for jGenesis, an open source framework for help to create client/server Java applications using RMI and Swing.
  • We convinced the CTO to use Ruby instead of Java for the legacy migrations.
  • Worked heavily on Ruby projects for Call Center, Charging and others critial softwares
  • Developed other minor and accessory projects, but not least, like a knowledge base and a corporative social network.

Infoway - Software Developer

  • João Paulo started at Infoway, a Health Care Company.
  • Contracted with a mission of help the team to create and migrate the legacy software to Java.
  • Developed internal softwares using Java and several tools of its ecosystem, like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Swing, jUnit, etc.
  • SQL databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL


We are agnostic developers, but the following list is what we really used on daily basis to get the things done, not to make experiences.

  • JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Amazon (SES, S3)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Heroku
  • Linux
  • Ionic
  • Vim
  • Git