Custom Software

This is the service we do most often and it is part of our essence.

Please, read the following some frequently asked questions that they can answer some doubts if you are considering hire a team to create your own software.

What is a custom software?

A custom software is a software developed on demand to help a company to solve specific problems.

Usualy when a company consider to hire developers to create this kind of software it already experienced to use other known softwares but it felt that would be more productive if had a custom made solution.

For example, it is so common start a company by using the Microsoft Office, like Word and Excel, and a time later with its growing that realize that to keep all the documents safe, well organised and free of human mistake is a big challange, so it start to imagine that it could have its own solution.

Every company should have a custom software?

Yes, it would be the perfect, but sometimes it is not worth.

We believe strongly that any professional or business can bring much more results if work with a custom made software. This is easy to understand when we consider each person or company a different being, with different traits and needs.

Even than there are fifty companies offering the same service every one will get different results because is leaded by different people and all of we know that there is nobody is equal to nobody (though some women believe).

And more, when we talk about services companies (like consultancies, schools, offices, agencies, etc) it is much more clear because the final result of work depends how the involved staff solve the daily problems, while companies which, for example, buy and sell products have a more simple proccess and some “closed softwares” are enought.

To create a software you need time and a good investment. Before start a project we recommend you to research alternatives and look for a experienced team.

What kind of software you used to do?

In general we create information systems.

An information system is a software used to help companies to get more organized and more productive in order to take easy its growing.

The most commom features requested by our clients are:

  • Tools to track activities and projects
  • Tools to managage customer relationship (CRM)
  • Document generation like invoices and receipts
  • Cloud storage of documents
  • Integrations with third-part services
  • Client area in website

They are simple and based on how the company used to do before the software. This way the users will feel more familiar and will not have difficulty with the work.

Do you create desktop, web, or mobile applications?

We create web applications and sometimes we create mobile apps as well.

Have a web application means that you don’t need to install anything in your computer and you can access your company anywhere over Internet connection, including your smartphone.

Create desktop and mobile applications implies in one more time-consuming process. This is why we do not recommend when what you need is just an information. Beyond, in our opinion, the benefits of a web application prevail.

What technologies do you use?

These tecnhologies are present in almost all projects:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Ionic (in case of mobile app)
  • Cloud services (like Amazon and Heroku)

All are modern and open source.

How long take a software project?

Our experience has showed us that period from 1 to 3 months is enought to put the software in production.

However we use to say that software has no end! Every software needs maintenance and improvements, whether is a bug correction, an adjustment or a new feature. One example of this is the apps in our smartphone. Maybe every month you receive some updates of facebook, whatsapp, or any other app that you use frequently.

What does the software look like?

The user interface of the applications we create is so pretty as Twitter, Github and other large web apps because we use Bootstrap as UI framework.

Bellow, check out an example of application created for us:

How is the proccess?

In summary, the process is:

  1. You will send a message to to describe a little about your project.
  2. We will return the contact by email, phone and skype to collect more informations.
  3. The develpers will study your case and offer a solution, including investment and deliveries.
  4. We start the project and within until 3 months you will have the first version in production.
  5. The project start its “Maintenance mode” and we ensure that all will continue running as needed.

We are adopters of agile methodologies and it’s common to reduce the scope of the project in order to deliver versions as soon as possible.